12pm Friday.


We have a list of 10 commandments that you must follow when joining.


Royale Indian on Cameron Road.

Some will claim Curry Friday is elsewhere however this is the only officially sanctioned location.

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Curry Friday started as a small weekly lunch (on a Thursday...) for staff at Virscient, it was then quickly adopted as a the lunch of choice for Wand and others at the Computer Science department of Waikato University. We have been observing this tradition on a Friday for well over a year now, the aim of the event is to have a social catchup and celebrate the end of the week all while enjoying great food. We are an all inclusive bunch always happy to adopt new people as part of the group. We also have a special deal with Royale Indian (because we are such great customers) that for $10 we get a specially prepared curry that doesn't appear on the menu each week.